Monday, February 1, 2010

Pasta With Fresh Artichokes

Pasta With Fresh Artichokes

1 box good whole-wheat spaghetti*

2-a gazillion cloves garlic, crushed and chunked

4-5 medium or 2-3 large fresh artichokes, prepared (instructions below)

Handful fresh parsley

2 fresh lemons

½-1 cup vegetable stock or pasta cooking water

Olive oil, butter

Parmesan cheese

1) Prepare the artichokes. This is the hardest part of this recipe, and the only real work. Set up a bowl of ice water and squeeze the juice of half a lemon into it. Cut the stem off the artichoke (if you are willing to take the extra time, take a good peeler and peel the stem of the dark green until only the light green remains, toss the light green stick into the bowl.) Remove the leaves from the artichoke by working around it in concentric circles. Once you get toward the inside, cut off the top, cut in half, and then scrape out the choke and remove remaining leaves. Put the heart in the bowl, and continue with remaining artichokes. Set aside. (the lemon water keeps them a pretty green).

2) Chop garlic and parsley, and start the pasta to boil.

3) Put a large pan over medium heat, add oil. Drain the artichokes, dry carefully (water in oil spits) and then chop into bite-sized chunks. Sauté until there is a nice dark glaze on them.

4) Add the garlic, salt and pepper, and a dash of butter and cook until you can smell the garlic and everything is good and hot. Add broth or water, scrape to deglaze the pan, and cover to let steam, 7-10 minutes.

5) Check the artichokes for doneness. They should be fork-tender, but not mushy. I like them with a bit of crunch. When they seem done to you, add the juice of one, to one-and-a-half lemons, add parsley and a thumb-sized chunk of butter. Toss.

6) Drain pasta, reserving a bit of cooking liquid, put back in the cooking pan, put artichoke mixture over, toss to mix. Serve with fresh parmesan cheese.

*Whole wheat pasta can be gummy and is not always the best flavor for a particular sauce. This recipe is actually best with whole-wheat, it compliments the artichoke beautifully.

Thanks Elizabeth!


JadeLD said...

I love artichoke - yummy! This sounds simple and tasty. I'll need to try it out.

Dandy said...

I love anything with a gazillion cloves of garlic :)

Anna said...


Inspired by the movie Julie and Julia ( about a woman who blogs and cooks her way through Julia Child's cookbook ) I am taking it upon myself to cook all of your creations. I have been a vegetarian for going on 15 years now and just started adding fish. The recipes I have cooked from your site are far better than the cookbooks and others I have found on-line. Thank you for your inspiration. Here is to a new year full of delish treats!

jenjamin said...


Love the food blog. I have one too I am anxious to try your great stuff!

Hope all is well. What an amazing person you are! Thanks for sharing your story. I sent you a little gift in Utah that I am sure is waiting for you. I sent it right before the holidays in December (a busy time) and it is probably with the drones of other things people send you. Anyway, look for a cute box about the size of a cereal box.

Keep being strong! You are much loved!

your friend in Texas :)

Sue Sparks said...

I love artichokes, and I love pasta! Good combo! THANKS!

Christeena said...

Wanted to tell you thanks for writing your blog it's a bright spot in my day.
Now about food I found the most yummy rice at Sprouts(now that your in mesa) it is a brown wild rice that they sell in bulk, so yummy. My husband who does not like rice ask me to buy more so that has to say something.
Stay strong and enjoy your visit with your fam.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nie for your delicious and healthy recipes. It is hard to cook for a southern boy (my hubby)who grew up on his Mama's yummy fried dishes!!! Your recipes help me sneak in that bit of whole wheat or veggie... I look forward to your blog each day - prayers to you in AZ!
Jenny in VA

Katie @ goodLife {eats} said...

Artichokes are one of my favorites! I will have to try this. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

oooh this looks fab! I adore garlic. I adore artichoke. I adore whole wheat pasta. Pretty much I already know I'll adore this dish ;)

Capable Girl said...

I think I just found my Friday-night-having-friends-over dish! Awesome!

Lori Nawyn said...

Trying it tomorrow night. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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Momma Princess said...

I tried this recipe last night and failed miserably. The artichokes had a very stalky texture. I ended up having to throw it all out and put spaghetti sauce on our pasta! SAD! I was so looking forward to a yummy healthy dish!

I have never cooked with artichokes before, maybe I don't know how to pick them or prepare them! I'll have to try again someday! :)

Mommy of three said...

This sounded so delicious I had to try it. I am in my 1st trimester of my 4th pregnancy and quite sick, so when something sounds good, I've got to cook it right away.
I ended up changing the main ingredient though. I have 3 little ones and not a lot of time to spend in the kitchen, especially at that hour before dinner time, which is the worst hour of my day.
So..I used asparagus instead of artichokes. A bit less prep. It was so, so good!
I can't wait to try it with the artichokes, but it was nice to know I could switch it up.
Thanks for making this pregnant lady happy with a new recipe and saving my husband from another night of eating bean burritos.

Elizabeth said...

Momma Princess -- So sorry the artichokes didn't work out! That is so frustrating. They can be tricky to work with. Try looking up a tutorial on them. The hard part is the waste -- very little of the artichoke is ueasable. You have to take off the outer 60 percent of the thing and then scrape about another 20 percent in choke. What's left is delicious.

Greta -- great idea on the aspargus! I bet it was delicious. I made it with the artichokes again last night because Nie's post made me hungry, lol. I am getting faster with them, but it really is a lot of work to use fresh ones. Asparagus is an awesome idea with it.

Angela Kay said...

I love artichokes and whole wheat pasta. I will defenitly try this!

Anonymous said...

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Screaming Meme said...

Nie, I didn't know you were such a great cook! I am glad I found this site...Love, Screaming Meme

Leeann said...

I have made a similar dish for years that is a favorite among two of my three kids. However, for the sake of time, I use quartered artichoke hearts packed in water (canned.) I drain them and do a very coarse chop, then saute them lightly in olive oil and a bit of butter. I serve them over angel hair with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese.


Anonymous said...


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dc said...

The Bionaturae organic whole wheat pasta is the only one that's eaten in our house, it's really good.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My husband just made this for me for Mother's Day (my request).
We added great northern beans so that the meal included some protein.
My only suggestion for improvement would be to clarify in the recipe title and directions, that you are ONLY using the hearts of the artichoke (it is a large amount of artichoke to be throwing away!)... the directions were a little confusing for a person cooking with fresh artichokes for the first time.

It is hard to throw all of that artichokey goodness away! Next time we plan on roasting the artichokes ahead of time, and then using the hearts for the recipe, and the rest of the artichoke, we can enjoy with a dip.
So, I would change the name to "Lemon-Garlic Pasta with Fresh Artichoke HEARTS."

Anonymous said...

Allow me to add that the meal was really, really good! And that I read your blog, Stephanie, almost every day! It's inspiring! As a mother- I always try not to take things for granted- and reading your blog has helped me to cherish my time with my kids more than ever.
I think you are an inspirational woman, and I am so glad for you that you have so much support from your family- husband, kids, parents, siblings, friends!
-Heather (again- same one as above comment)

mama dialogues said...

I have to say that this recipe was yum, yum, delish! My 11 year old daughter and I prepared it together and that experience alone made the food that much better. :)

But I do have to say that I didn't know anything about artichokes until tonight. So I went to youtube and searched "how to prepare an artichoke for cooking" and watched a quick tutorial to help me figure it out.

I must say to the artichoke newb like me, make sure you have a trash bowl or trash can handy because you will throw away all the leaves.

Anyhow, Nie, girlfriend...I love you. God bless you! And thank you for inspiring me in my life to take time to slow down and enjoy my life and the lives of my family members. :)

<3 you!

EmJo said...

I love this! I've never cooked with fresh artichokes before, and it definitely won't be the last time! As someone who eats meat very sparingly, I really appreciate this blog. Thanks for bringing it back! :)

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